It’s time to talk MUSIC!!!

In case you’re not familiar with the Kramer Entertainment wedding philosophy, let me sum it up by saying first and foremost, we’re your wedding MC. Our main goal is to make sure your wedding flows incredibly smooth. We value the communication we have with our couples before the event, ensuring your ceremony and reception moves from one segment to the next seamlessly and comfortably. It’s what we do.BUT, that doesn’t mean we don’t live and breath with the music!  Music is one of the most important tools in our bag and we pride ourselves in utilizing our experience to play what ever is necessary to give your event the unique vibe you’re looking for. From classical compositions of centuries ago, to the latest radio hits, if it’s available and conveys the emotion you want to share with your guests, than we’ll strive to make each track as much a part of your event as the names on the guest list.In our quest to keep our tools sharp, we keep our eyes open for resources that can help our couples convey to us what they’re looking for with regards to music. For the more traditional wedding feel, we often use the Top 200 Most Requested Songs as a guideline. But if you’d like to stray away from the norm a bit, we recommend taking a look at this awesome collection of info Ashely from Hi-Fi Weddings has put together.She has found that her followers like to “focus on those that want their wedding mix to be less “Top 40″ and more of music that is true to the soul.” Her blog allows you to browse through other couples who put a lot of importance on music and see what songs they chose to play and at which segment of their event.She even creates special playlists for certain seasons like the Summer Love Songs mix she made for Green Wedding Shoes (another AWESOME resource for those interested in a little modern inspiration).Ashley even compiles sweet YouTube playlists and provides the links to preview and download the suggested songs so you can fall in love with them at your own leisure. If you’re looking for a little direction in the wide world of tunes, this is a great place to start. Let us know when you’re ready to share your thoughts!Big thanks to our dear friend, the bloomdiva at panacea event floral design for introducing us to Hi-Fi Weddings;)

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